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Why do I love fall?


Why do you think?


I love fall…

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It’s a great time


for someone else


to take pictures of


my boys.


I love fall!

Brody’s Birthday (Continued)

The day before Brody’s birthday Brent called me at work. He had just picked up the boys from Gretchen’s house, and he called to ask me what Chicken Pox look like. He also asked if I had noticed a rash on Brody when I was getting him ready to go that morning. Nope, I didn’t notice anything. He had been at daycare all day long, and Gretchen noticed a few funny spots on him after he got up from his afternoon nap. That night the spots got increasingly worse. I, of course, called the expert. Mom described what chicken pox looked like, and I just didn’t think that was what Brody had. We just decided we’d take him in to the Dr in the morning and go from there. The spots at that time were just on his legs and stomach.

Here is how Brody looked the next morning, you know… on his birthday…

Grad 034

The spots had spread to his face. In fact, the only place that the spots didn’t appear was on the palms of his hands and the bottom of his feet. Crazy! As you can see by his silly lil smile, the spots weren’t really affecting him.

We wracked our brains to think of anything that had been done differently, or if he had eaten anything new. The only things we could come up with was:

1 – He was on amoxicillin for his ear infections. I had heard horror stories of people reacting to that before.

2 – He had eaten strawberries at Gretchen’s house on Monday.

3 – I put a new outfit on him on Monday, and because I was in a hurry I didn’t wash it before putting it on him.


We headed to the dr and told them everything we had thought of. They were shocked to see how bad his spots were. They said this wasn’t typical of anything they had seen before. They put in his chart that he’s allergic to both amoxicillin and strawberries. Better safe than sorry!

Here’s what he looked like that morning:

Grad 038 

And here’s what he looked like by that night:


They gave us a new medicine for his ears and told us to give him Claritin for his rash. We thought we were good. And then… Wednesday night happened. We went up to Brent’s parent’s for supper that night. As the night went on Brody started to feel warmer and warmer. But that wasn’t it. He also started to get more and more swollen. His little legs were so swollen that his thighs didn’t even have fat rolls. His feet looked like if I touched them they would explode. It was awful. In addition to the swelling, he also started to turn really purple. His skin, his lips, everything. I ended up taking him into the ER. They checked him over and did some blood work. Everything appeared normal (unless you looked at him instead of his chart). They gave him a dose of oral steroids, a prescription for more, and sent us packing.

I was certainly relieved that it was nothing more serious. I was a little nervous in the ER. The Dr kept saying she was very worried about him. She threw out words like platelets, and that’s just not a good word in my vocabulary. God was right there with us, though, and Brody now looks like this:


We’re still fighting some sleepless nights. They tell us that’s because of the steroids, and tomorrow is his last dose of that. YEAH! We’re ready to have our happy little 1-year old back again!

Happy Birthday, Brody

Tuesday, October 20th, Brody celebrated his first birthday. It’s so hard to believe that it has been an entire year already. It just doesn’t seem like that is even possible!


We had his birthday party the Saturday before his birthday. It was a ton of fun! Well, mostly. Unfortunately Brody had double ear infection. He did really well most of the time, but there was about 45 minutes during the party that he wanted nothing to do with anyone or anything. After the Tylenol kicked in, he was back to his happy self. He was especially happy once we gave him his own cake to destroy.


Grad 032

Karter was a little annoyed that all the gifts were for Brody. Here he is begging Brent to let this be his present.

Grad 023

We had the party at Hanno Family Fun Farm (between Le Mars and Oyens). It’s such a fun place. They have two barns that are all decked out. One barn is two levels. The main floor has all picnic tables, and a place for babies to play. The second level has karoake, basketball and other games. The second building has basketball, pool, foos ball and more games. They also have a lil train that the kids can ride, sand volleyball, lawn games and even a softball diamond (unfortunately it was too cold for those activities when we were there). You should check out their website if you get a chance. It’s


Thanks to everyone who came out to help us celebrate Brody’s birthday!

More updates to come, but one quick thing before I forget. Last night I was laying in Karter’s bed with him before he went to sleep. We had just said his prayers, and Brent had already left the room. We were just laying there chatting. As I got up and left his room, it was so obvious to me that I am a mother of boys. In that short 5 minutes, we talked about boogers, God and Grandpa. I love being the mother of 2 of the most wonderful boys ever!