Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Big Yellow Bus

I don’t know what is going on, but some big yellow bus just came and picked up my baby. He got on it, and they drove away. And I just know that when he comes back… he’s not going to be a baby anymore. I’m going to look at him differently, and he’s probably going to look at me differently. I’ll have to ask him things like, “Do you have any homework?” or “What was your favorite class today?” or “Why were you in the principal’s office?”

Last night was the Open House at Kinsey Elementary. I really think that this was so good for Karter. He got to see his teacher, Mrs. Dahm. This wasn’t the first time they met. He had her as a teacher for Kindergarten Round Up, and he really liked her. He was very excited when he found out that she was his Kindergarten teacher. Honestly, so was I! I think their personalities will work really well together.

It was also good for him to walk through school again and find his room. There was a bus parked outside, and we could take him on there and talk through the process of riding the bus. That is the one part that Karter is worried about… riding the bus. He’s worried about big kids picking on him, not finding a seat, and getting on the wrong bus.

He really did very well getting on the bus this morning, though. He was a little reluctant. It helped that Brent left work to come watch him get on the bus. I love having such a caring husband! (And I greatly appreciate that his boss let him leave for a few minutes).

I can’t wait to pick Karter up at the end of the day and see how his first day went.



Friday, August 17, 2012

Here we go…

This is it. This is my last week as a parent with no kids in school. Well, last year Karter was in preschool, but that meant he was still little, right? Nope, not anymore. Next week, I will get my two babies boys ready to go. Brody will still go to Gretchen’s house, just like he has 5 days a week for since he was 2 months old (insert sigh of relief from this Mama). Karter, on the other hand, will get dressed in his new clothes, his new shoes, and his new backpack, and he will enter a brand new phase of his life.

Yep… Karter is heading to Kindergarten. One week from now he will officially be a Warrior! He is so excited to have the same teacher that he had the day of Kindergarten Round-Up (which I’m very excited about, too, because I just know that her personality will be perfect for Karter). He already knows a few of the kids that will be in his class, but he’ll also have the chance to make a lot of new friends. He gets to ride a bus (which he’s dreading) to and from school.

I’m so sad and so excited that we’ve reached this point. As much as I would love it if my little fellas could stay little… I love the fact that they’re growing up. I love the people they’re becoming, and I’m so excited to see what God has in store for them.

Karter – I am so proud of how you are growing. I love your heart, little boy (just let me call you that, ok?). I love that you still miss Kevin, the dog, because it shows me how much you love others. You are funny without trying to be. You know sarcasm (which scares me), and you use it appropriately (which scares me even more). You are kind and respectful (when you want to be). Even though you like the Lions more than the Bears… I’ll keep you around. Mom loves ya buddy!

Brody – You are three (for another month and three days), so please stop acting like you’re 8. You are one crazy little kid, and I LOVE it! You can not get enough of your Daddy (I don’t blame you), and I think it’s awesome. Almost every morning you wake up talking about animals, and it shows me where your heart is. I love how passionate you are. I know you’ll miss your big brother when he’s in school, but you have good buddies at daycare and you’ll have a great time! But seriously… stay little a little bit longer, k?  You’re my baby, and I love you!

God, thank you for the opportunity to send our kids to school and day care. Some people long for these days and don’t get to experience them. May I never take these milestones for granted.

** Don’t worry… pictures are coming… soon.