Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday School Picnic

Yesterday was the annual Carmel Church Sunday School Picnic. It was an incredibly hot day, but it was still great to see everyone out there praising God. The Sunday School kids sang some of their favorite songs and some of the church groups did skits. There were fun games for the kids to play. There was the ever famous fishing pond. Oh, how I remember fishing at the Sunday School picnic. It’s the kind of fishing pond that you “catch” little prizes and trinkets. Deep down, every child hopes they get a water gun, because it’s always so blasted hot! There was a kiddie train (which was Brody’s favorite, an inflatable water slide (which Karter only went down once because the pool of water at the end caught him by surprise) and there was even a bean bag tournament for the adults. Brent and Matt played, but I think they were done after their first game.

In true Carmel Church fashion, the food at these picnics is unbeatable! This year was the first time that I’ve ever had to help at the picnic. I was on the list to bring a pie and I was scheduled to work in the kitchen from 3:30 – 4:30. I have to admit… when I saw my name on the list, I wasn’t exactly excited. I always think of this as something that will be boring or that there are a million other things I should be doing instead. Instead, I always end up having a great time and end up getting to know some of the ladies of our church better than I did before.

I also must admit that I was pretty proud of the pie that I made. I didn’t even cheat and buy a pre-made pie. And you’ll never guess what… a couple of the wonderful ladies I was working in the kitchen with actually asked me for my recipe. I couldn’t believe it. So, to those wonderful ladies, here is the link to the blog I was telling you about:

OK, so here’s a picture of her pie, but mine really did look close to this.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

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