Thursday, April 12, 2012

All Things Brody (again, pull up a chair)

Oh, my little Brody Alan Hooyer. How is it that you’re getting so big already? How is it that you’re 3 years old already (in a couple weeks it will be 3 1/2, but I’m not giving you that satisfaction yet). You, my little buddy, are quite something.


(We had to quick take pictures while there was some snow, because there wasn’t much this year.)

You keep us busy, and that’s OK. You have an attitude, that’s for sure, but I love your spunk.

You usually know exactly what you want, and you don’t give up until you get it. The other day you were bound & determined to ride your bike. Unfortunately, it wasn’t very nice outside. So, you dressed yourself and headed out… dressed in your shorts, sweatshirt, winter coat (with gloves, of course) and your flip flops. And guess what… you rode your bike!

You snuggle with me. If it was up to you, either Mommy or Daddy would snuggle you to sleep every single night. You’re all boy. You like to play in the mud. Here’s some proof…

You got lots of sun that day. You had white spots all over your back from when you were splattered with mud.

Here’s some of our more recent pics of you:


In this last picture, you were upset because we weren’t going to lay with you up in bed. So you snuck downstairs (or you thought you were being sneaky), and you fell asleep at the bottom of the stairs. There, that was better than laying in your comfortable bed, huh?

Brody, you are so loved. And I love that you love us, too.

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