Friday, October 18, 2013

Three years

Three years ago today was just an average day. Just a no-big-deal kind of day. It was a lunch-with-your-hubby-for-no-special-reason kinda day. So, who am I to argue? I went to Nemschoff and sat in the parking lot waiting for him to come out. He hopped in the car, and we had lunch together. He had about 5 minutes left of his lunch break when his phone rang. Caller ID so politely let him know that it was someone from the Cancer Center calling. Our hearts did a flip-flop, and he quickly answered.

On the other end of the phone call, it was Courtney. She doesn't work there anymore, but she was his first case worker. She was awesome! She said that she had gotten the results from his bone marrow biopsy and that she wanted to make sure we got called. She went over a whole bunch of numbers and levels. (Honestly, it was a lot of blaa blaa blaa.) Brent hung up the phone and told me what she had said.

She said these words, "There's no evidence of Leukemia in your blood."

Cool. Once before we were told that his results were clear. I took that to mean that he was in remission. In fact, I even celebrated the one year anniversary of those results. I even planned a surprise party. And then we found out that's not really considered remission.

So, when Brent told me what Courtney had said, I needed to do some investigating of my own.

Brent and I each went back to work. The first thing on my agenda... call Courtney back. And I did. I just explained that I didn't really understand the info that she had just told Brent. She went over it all again. Awesome. Finally, after all of that I asked her, "Courtney, does this mean what I think it means? Is Brent in remission?"


"Yes, Kelli... he's in remission."

I thought and thought... can I keep this info all bottled up until I get home? Brent had a chiropractor appt after work, so he would have to go to Rock Valley. He'd be home late. Surely I was going to have a heart attack (or pee in my pants) if I didn't call him right away. So... I waited as long as I could (no, it wasn't only 5 minutes)... and then I called him. By the time I called, he had left work, went to his chiropractor appt, and had decided to make a quick stop at a 2nd hand store to pick up some jeans for Karter. We were on the phone, me at my desk, and he in the middle of a store, when I got to tell him that he was officially in remission.

Praise Jesus!

We both cried.

Then we laughed, or maybe we were speechless... I don't know. But I remember the feeling so well. Honestly, I still feel it every time he has an appt and hears the words "all clear". Every time is just as exciting as that phone call that we got 3 years ago.

That day went from a no-big-deal kinda day to a really-big-deal kinda day.

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~Kristi~ said...

I think it was a really big deal too! And I could still just squeeze you both when I think of it! God is just awesome - all the time! Love you guys!

M, K, B, T, E