Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Prayers have been answered!

God has heard each and every one of our prayers, and he answered them. Today we heard the news that we've been praying for... Brent's white blood cell counts are exactly where they should be. An average Joe's counts are anywhere between 5 - 10. Brent started out 10 weeks ago with counts of 102. Today, his counts were at 4.1. That is so amazing to me!

So, I know what you're all thinking... what does this mean? Well, once we got Dr Wender to quit talking about OJ Simpson and the Steelers, I asked him that very question. He explained to us that it's way too early to take Brent off his chemo pills. If he were to go off the pills at this point, there's no way to tell if it would last or not. In all reality he will probably be on the pills for a couple years. After his trip to the ER a little over a week ago, they lowered his dosage down to 300mg/day. That's where they're keeping it at. He hasn't been having many side effects at this dosage, so we were OK with that.

It's amazing to think that we're as far as we are in only 10 weeks. How many cancer patients can say that? Like I said, God has really answered prayers. We realize that we have a long way to go, and I'm sure every day isn't going to be as positive as today was. There are going to be days where he's not feeling well, where either of us are frustrated with the situation, or where we just can't help but ask why. We know there will be those days. But if God can bring those numbers down so quickly, then He can certainly help us through our "down" days.

We want to thank each of you for continuing to pray for our family. We really feel blessed to have each of you in our lives.

OK, so an update on the boys... (I can't do this and not mention them)...

Karter is getting his two year molars. I feel terrible for him and his sore little mouth. He is talking like a little champ lately. Every day there are new words. His hands are "foody" (aka filthy). His new favorite animal is an "ebra" (aka zebra), and he now calls Brent "B" or "Daddy B".

Brody is growing like a weed. His personality is really starting to show. He smiles so easily, and he giggles, too.

They just make you feel like you're doing something right in this world.

We are getting ready for Brody's big day... baptism. On February 8th, our little man will be baptized. This is going to be such a special day! I can't help but think that it could be somewhat of a sentimental day, too. When Karter was baptized, my Dad came to church that morning and surprised us by acting as the elder for baptism. It was SO special, and I love those memories. I can't help but be sad when I think of what an amazing man that Brody will never get to meet on this earth. Both boys will hear lots of stories about this amazing man named Grandpa.

OK, enough for tonight. Thanks for checking in!



Ashley said...

I am so excited to to hear that Brent's numbers are down so low!! God definantly answers prayers!

Mom2Bs said...

Praise God!
We have some cool pictures of

Ryan and Tiffany Govig said...

SO glad to hear that things are going well for you guys and that Brent's numbers are so encouraging! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!

Anonymous said...

YEAH, Brent and Kelli! So cool! And I can't wait to hear more of Brody's giggles, and I'm loving it that Karter had fun at Eli's house! Good thing you got Dr. W. to focus after getting sidetracked by football :) -Kristi