Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Praise God! Brent is Cancer-Free

Our prayers have been answered... in exactly the way we were hoping for! It's official! Brent is cancer-free! They called today and told us the good news. They said that the results from his bone marrow test couldn't possibly have been any better. The apologized over and over for not getting this info to us sooner. There was some mistake with how the file was coded or something. Who cares... all I heard is "Kelli, your husband no longer has the Philadelphia chromosome". I could have dropped the phone, peed in my pants or a number of other things. But instead... I just stood there, eventually picking my jaw up off the floor.

I asked about the platelets being high. Luckily, Dr Wender was standing right there, so she asked him. He said not to give it a 2nd thought until his next Dr appt. If they're still high at that time, then they'll look into it more. Those numbers can be affected by something as simple as the food you eat... so just because they are high one day, doesn't mean they'll be high the next day.

At this point... all I can say, is please drop to your knees and thank God for His healing hand.

FYI - Brent will need to continue taking the chemo pills on a daily basis. He'll also continue to be checked on a regular basis (monthly for now, and then they'll spread out more as time goes on). He will also have to continue having bone marrow tests regularly (every 3 months for the first year, and then I think every 6 months after that).

Recap: Brent is CANCER-FREE!

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Ryan and Tiffany Govig said...

PRAISE GOD!!! SOOO excited for you!!!!!!!!