Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer Laughs...

Hey there. Remember me? Yes, I did still remember my login and password to get in and update the blog... I'm just not very good at sitting down and actually doing it. Sorry about that!

So what are the Hooyers up to these days? Well, there's two things... Karter and Brody. Man, I just love their ages right now. Karter is just getting too smart. He's funny and sarcastic like his Dad. He's witty and charming, and that's just a lethal combination.

Brody is following his brother everywhere (except up the steps, but I'm sure that's not too far off.) Brody is getting more and more mobile every day. He now pulls himself up by the dishwasher and unloads it as fast (if not faster) than I can load it. He's such a happy little guy, and we wonder what we ever did without him (and Karter).

This weekend was a relaxing weekend. We visited my sisters and some friends that were camping at Oak Grove. God turned on the sprinkler on Saturday, and we turned the sprinkler on yesterday. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves both days, no matter what the weather.

Here's a little video of Karter making Brody laugh. It's quite comical. I really hope everyone can open it.

Have a great week everyone!


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Anonymous said...

Hey, have I ever told you how stinkin' cute your kids are?! :)