Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Two Years... Where has the time gone?

Two years ago at this time, the entire Langstraat family took turns sitting next to Dad. We would just simply sit there. It was enough. And although no one wants to watch their Dad lay in a hospital bed day after day after day, I miss those days so much. Up until the very end (or his beginning, as I like to think of it), every time you would take any of the grandkids into that room, Dad would light up. He always knew who the grandkids were, and he was always thrilled to see them. It didn't matter if they were whiney or cranky, or even if they were getting in trouble for spilling the blue slushies from the cafeteria... Dad was happy to see them, and they were happy to see Grandpa.

It's so amazing to sit and listen to the grandkids talk about Grandpa. Sometimes they don't even know they are doing it. It's what's on their hearts, and so it comes spilling out. This is where I seem to be struggling lately. I just am so sad that my boys won't be able to tell stories like that.

I try really hard to tell my boys stories about their Grandpa, and to make sure they know what kind of man he was, but that's not always the easiest thing to do. So, I'm looking for your help here...

If any of you out there in blog land have any stories about Dad, could you post a comment on my blog and tell me the stories? This would mean so very much to me. Here's a funny one to get you going...

Just to prove that Dad still had his sense of humor up until his very last days on earth...

Mom was sitting next to Dad's hospital bed, and we all knew that he could go at any minute. The rest of us kids were all sleeping. Some in the room, some in the waiting room, some in their beds at home. Mom was kind of going in and out of sleep, when she heard Dad whisper, "Oh look at the pretty clouds." Mom thought for sure that we had lost him. She could barely breathe. Then she looked at him only to realize that he was looking at the clouds on the TV. I honestly can not look at a cloud without thinking of him.

Thanks, everyone!



Mom2Bs said...

Mark and I got to know your Dad and Mom so well being RCYF Sponsors! The time when we all dressed up at the Mall in Sioux Falls! I know I got a picture someplace in the house! (He colored his hair black!) So funny!
The time, we had his egg truck and loaded the the group up for persecrution night! You dad drove and we giggled b/c the group thought it was going to be a "FUN" night! haha!
Seeing your Dad in the grocery store bringing milk products....always shy, but very friendly!
When your Dad was in the hospital you could always be amazed how strong, and couragious he was in every situation. You thought he was sleeping, and we would start talking about you kids and he would start talking and smiling! We always loved hearing Your Dad sing! It was great sitting in front of you Dad and Mom in church to hear how low he could actually sing!
God blessed you with a wonderful father, God knew how special he was, and wanted him to sing in His choir too soon!
Sending love and prayers!!

Anonymous said...

Kelli, this was a great post! I love you! I always keep thinking how dad imitated how Trevor says Karter's name. :) -Kristi

Anonymous said...

Hey! I have another one! Five words:

Swim trunks and cowboy boots! :)