Tuesday, February 5, 2013

No New News

Yep, 2 posts in one night. (In other words, Brody still isn’t sleeping, so I have more time to blog.)

I thought maybe I should update about our adoption. After the failed adoption, basically our book just got put back in the “waiting” stack. So, anytime there is a situation that matches with our Baby Wish List (which was pretty much wide open), our book will be shown.

Brody has just started asking again when we’ll get a baby. I wish I had some kind of answer for him. I wish I could tell him that it will be by this summer, or next fall or winter. It could be 5 years down the road. We don’t know. But God does. And I love that.

God has given us a great peace about this time spent waiting. There are some days that I even forget that we are, in fact, waiting. Then, when I realize that I had forgotten, I feel guilty. It’s weird.

Until then, we will continue to eagerly anticipate the day when we hold our baby for the first time.

Thanks for all your prayers, friends. They’re worth much more than you know!

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