Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What did I do?

**This is the 2nd time I’m typing this post. Not sure what happened to the first one, but I’m going to guess that this 2nd version will be shorter. :)**

It seems that I started a bad habit. Suddenly (since my post last week-ish), it seems it’s impossible for my boys to go to sleep with out me sitting in their room. Guess I have a chance to keep my blog updated now.

So, here’s a couple pictures. Cuz I like to show off my handsome little men:

(Couldn’t love these boys more!)


(My future football player)


(This one has attitude, I tell ya!)


1 comment:

~Kristi~ said...

Those kids are just so stinking cute! And in response to your other post - we are definitely continuing to pray, pray, pray. (and also trying, along with you, to trust in God's perfect timing.