Sunday, January 17, 2010

Karter’s 3rd Birthday

On Saturday, January 9th, Karter turned 3 years old. I could hardly believe that our little Karter Henry was turning 3. I mean, really? It had been three years already? That could hardly be. I mean, he’s just my little baby, right? He still needs me for everything he does, right? Hardly! Here are some fun facts about Karter:

1 – He is quite a Daddy’s boy, except when he’s sick. (Hey, I’ll take what I can get.)

2 – He refers to Grandpa and Grandma Hooyer as “Grandpa with the Sheep and Grandma with the Sheep”.

3 – He refers to Grandpa and Grandma Langstraat as “Grandpa with the Barn and Grandma with the barn”

4 – He asks lots of questions about where Grandpa with the Barn is and why he is with God.

5 – His new favorite phrase is, “I do that all myself, mommy.”

6 – He weighs 43 lbs, and I think he’s right at 40” tall.

7 – He loves days that he gets to start by watching cartoons with Daddy.

8 – He adores his little brother and even lets him play with his tractors occasionally.

9 – He loves puzzles and singing the ABC’s

10 – He can count to about 16, but he always forgets number ten. (I didn’t even plan that this one would be #10 in the list.)

Here are some pictures from his birthday party:

Unnamed 123 Unnamed 129 Unnamed 126

I have to tell you… he was SO excited about his birthday cake. He had to show everyone that came to his party. It turned out so perfect. Not only was it absolutely adorable, it was also so very delicious (even though I didn’t really want to cut into it). Holly Dibbet made the cake. You can see more of her wonderful work at:

Thanks, Holly for making this for Karter. It made the day even more special!

Unnamed 132 Unnamed 164

Brent and I picked out a new bike for Karter. I couldn’t believe I was buying a big boy bike for my little boy. He just seems too little. Doesn’t look like his is, huh?

Unnamed 159

Here is Karter with his Handy Manny Tools (that sing really loudly, thanks Sheryl :-) and his new friend, Logan. Logan is so adorable, and I hope they get to be good buds! (Plus, he’s a Bears fan.)

Unnamed 135

Here’s what he got from Grandma with the Barn.

Don’t you love the look with no pants on?

Unnamed 166

It was a great day! We are so blessed with such wonderful family and friends. Karter got so many nice gifts, and he had such a great time! I just love that little boy (yes, he’s still my little boy) so very much! (Even if he is starting to say that he’s a Vikings fan. It’s not too late for me and my Bears.)

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