Friday, March 19, 2010

Picture Post

I haven’t posted pictures of the boys lately, so I thought I’d do that once. Enjoy!



My big muscle men


100_1010 100_1012

Karter can’t wait for Saturday mornings so he can help Daddy make scrambled eggs.

Brody can’t wait for Saturday mornings so he can EAT scrambled eggs that Daddy and Karter made.

Have you noticed a trend with my kids? They love to run around with no clothes on. I must say, though, little boys are adorable running around in their skivvies.

 100_1026 100_1024 100_1020

Eli came over yesterday, and we played outside. It was so beautiful out. It had been sunny all day long. It felt so good to get outside and let the boys run. And then we woke up this morning to this site:


I thought I had a picture of the snow on the ground, but I guess it didn’t work.


Here are a few more cute pics. Have I mentioned how much I love these little boys? (Note: Karter would interrupt and say he’s NOT little. He’s BIG Karter Henry Hooyer.)

2010-01-02-001 100_1003

I love this boy, too!


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Grace Wheeler said...

ha ha! I am *SO* glad to know I'm not the only mom whose boys run around in their undies! I love your pictures!!!