Thursday, July 7, 2011

Our House

Here’s what our house looked like after the storm last July:


Well, folks… just shy of a year later, here’s what it looks like now:


We’re not quite done yet. We are hoping to re-shingling the parts that haven’t yet been re-shingled, but you know… it’s all about budgets. The roof is still doing it’s job, so it’s OK if it waits another year. We also still need to paint the foundation, but you know… it’s not a race.

I must say, though… I love how the house turned out. Ron Britt (married to my cousin Andrea) did the work on the outside of the house, and he did a wonderful job!

Pictures of changes to the inside of the house to come soon…


Caryn said...

It looks AWESOME! :) I would say a total transformation! :) Great job!

Alicia said...

I love how your house turned out!! Beautiful porch in the front!!

Annalise Johnnie said...

Now that's recovery in style! The storm did some damage here and there to your house, but you managed to give it a full-blown rebirth and renovation. And you did a great job with this! From the looks of it, the storm cost you some roof shingles. But now, the house is a splendor!

rfdfmo said...

I love the red:)