Sunday, November 4, 2012


Karter’s votes:

- Boy Name: Toby (I think someone watches too much Good Luck, Charlie!)

- Girl Name: Ashley

Brody’s votes:

- Boy Name: Pencil

- Girl’s Name: Pencil

Hmmm… we’ll see what happens. Good thing we started this process before placement!


Pat Buyert said...

Brody never ceases to make me giggle! Love those boys! And their parents of course!

Wendi Kats said...

BAHAHAHAHA!!!! That's GREAT! Did you warn them that you and Brent get final say? :)

Karter must be growing up ... ya know, the kid who had an imaginary pig named Jim who lived behind the gas tank door of the Impala. I believe it was him who also named the dog Kevin???

Looks like Brody is learning from the best! :-)

I stinkin love those boogers.

Anonymous said...

Pencil??? Hmmmmmm