Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Can you believe that it's the end of November already? It's amazing to me how quickly time passes.

I decided something this morning. What was it, you ask? Sit down for this one... I think I'm one step closer to being all grown up. I was thinking this morning about what I'm the most thankful for, and that's when my exciting decision was made. Three years ago, if you would have asked what I was thankful for, I would have said things like a good job, a running car, or a trip that I had just been on. Don't get me wrong... I'm still thankful for those things. But I think that one step to growing up is realizing that some of the things that I'm the most thankful for aren't "things" at all. Here are some of the things that I'm the most thankful for:

- A God who loves me so much that it hurts
- My 3 boys
- Family (Immediate and Extended)
- Karter learning to give bear hugs
- That moment when Brent said, "We have another boy."
- Brody and the way we can feel his love for us
- Memories (like the way Dad would shake his finger at Karter and say, "There's my buddy." Oh, how I treasure memories!)
- Those moments when Karter kisses Brody, even though he doesn't know I'm watching
- The feeling when you look at your husband and wonder how it's possible that you love him more and more every day
- The feeling when you know he's thinking the same thing
- Prayers, and the power that they have
- Having a home that keeps us warm
- Brent (I know I mentioned him in #2, but you guys don't know how great of a husband I have!)
- Friends (whether close or distant, I appreciate you all)

I could go on and on, but I think you'd all get pretty bored. I really just want each of you to know how much you mean to me! With all that's going on in our lives right now, we're trying not to take anything for granted. We appreciate every prayer that has been offered up on our behalf. Trust us, we feel them.

Brent, I want you to know how much I love and appreciate you! You are so much more than I could ever have asked for in a husband and best friend. We're going to get through this, even through the tough times. It will make us stronger. Thank you for being the person you are!

Last, but not least, we appreciate our favorite photographer. Let me show you a little sample of why...

May you all have a very blessed Thanksgiving Day!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kelli, I just found out how to do this, and wanted you to know that we are thinking and praying for you all. We remember very well what it is to have a young family and have your world turned upside down. We made many trips to Sioux City, farmed out kids, and some days didn't know how we were going to have money to put gas in the car for the trips, but God always provided, and I know that he will see you through, and will send you many unexpected blessings along the way. Our lives were made richer, and our faith stronger through the journey, and I know that this will be the case for you as well. Please know that we are keeping you in our prayers, and will keep in touch. God Bless. Edna & Tim