Saturday, December 13, 2008

Some Firsts...

I can't believe all the firsts that we've experienced in the last few days. Here's two of my favorites...

Oh my... look at my little Brody Alan smile at the camera. This is the first time that I've been able to catch his smiles on camera. I'm seriously loving all these stages. I can tell already that he's going to be a sweet little boy. And, like his brother, I think he's going to be a Daddy's Boy. I may get smiles like this one, but you should see the smiles he saves for his Daddy. I love my life!


Wednesday night Karter and I had to get out of the house, and coincidentally enough, there was some snow that needed to be scooped. So, for the first time, we put on his winter attire, handed him his own little shovel, and out to the driveway we went.

He had a ton of fun, and he giggled every time he slipped and fell. He would just act like a puppy and send the snow flying into the air. He's so much fun to be around! Every day he is learning new words. OK, so maybe not everyone would know what he is saying, but I do. Example: a "Dootch", (pronounced just as it looks) is actually a horse. Not sure where that one came from.

We're supposed to get some nasty weather over the night tonight. That kinda figures, though, since we were supposed to go to a Christmas program in Sheldon tomorrow morning for Brent's nieces. That happened last year too, but we went anyway. We're also supposed to go to a Christmas program tomorrow night for my sister Wendi's kids.
Well, since Karter and Brent have both retired for the evening, I suppose I'll shut down for the night. Brody is asleep in my arms, and I'm just going to enjoy this for a while.
Goodnight to you all! Have a great Sunday!

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